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...Counterfactual case study part 2

..WW2 the Baltic April 10-31 1940

Sheet of Facts - April 12 1940 one swedish businessman got the stunning experience of being called on telephone by Herman Göring, Nazi-Germany's No. 2, and asked without delay to come to Berlin bringing a high-ranking officer. Göring told his guests german war-effort in Norway made transitation of wounded soldiers through Sweden necessary. Swedish government felt forced to accept. Opposition was serious, provoked by the king making a pro-german stand. 
Doc. source: Transiteringsfrågan I-II. I pag. 310-318) Acktstücken utgivna av Kungl. Utenrigsdep. Stockholm 1947. - - ----On (US) public knowledge April 1940: Media history: NY Times on situation Norway & Finland April 40 link: simpson library

Now, the 'WHAT-IF' GAME'
Case study part 2 [all below texts are fictional, but the shared informations on fleet and troop movements and brit. commentary to Sweden are all to be extracted from above doc. collection]

This is a handfull of sources [ english translations ] from Danish
(former) Winter War Volunteers Battalion Adjudant, Kaptajnløjtnant* Harald de Lamar Piffholm, April 14 to 26 1940.
*Lieutenant commander. Army use now terminated.

The danish top classification YDERST HEMMELIGT shines on the High Court Archive box and an old notice with the pencil written: "80 years", meaning "To hide for 80 years". Forget it, you think. Denmark and Norway were occupied April 9 1940, five days before this first paper was written. Someone knowing his way wrote: Timeline forward, i.e. Older sheet atop of younger. - High Court Archive? - Of Course: The government of occupied Denmark strongly denounced the Winter War Volunteers who went along with this raid (cheered by early resitance). And some parties never yielded, like Foreign Ministry employees who never forgave ambassador Henrik Kaufmann's 'most unwarranted' cooperation with the Americans openly committing free danish shipping and Greenland bases for allied war duty.

Battalion CO Kresten Hvide Jensen was a Ritmester, like Sec in command Bjørn Momsen, a cavalry officers grade just under Lieutenant Colonel then used in Scandinavia. Twice we get KH's signatures on the sheets after reading. These two lined out the tactics: Fast long-range reconnaissance and spearhead attacks on chosen spots with own firepower the superior. Not trying to control all 226 sq.miles of island with 662 men.

Right below the last text are the notes of Dr. Adam C. Carlsen, by 1949 the Vice-Dean and internationally renown expert on source evaluation of the University of Aarhus. Probably called upon by legal authorities to assertain the identity of the ship, which KL de Lamar prior to the engagement seeked out, deemed usefull and commandeered for The Battalion's* healthy extrication. To not nazi-dominated ground... After showing the world how german forces got subdued in six days.

*66,2 % of the volunteers battalion took part in the [counterfactual] fight.

Case Maps Battalion [counterfactual] assaulting german forces at Bornholm May 3 to May 8

Source 1 [timeline forward]

Hotel Kamp, Helsinki Sunday Apr. 14. 1940
To CO Danish Battalion
Ritmester Kresten H. Jensen, Danish-BTN Staff.Bld., Louisa. S.Finland

SIGNAL by my messenger


1) Yesterday I bought a most slendid lunch here for Captain Maikkinen
and his wife, Rakel. I told him as you said, that I visited Main Post
Office to fetch a packet from friends in Malmø containing genuine Gen Staff maps 1:20000 of Bornholm. He understood this way meant, that we had it from a small, but growing and efficient off.s corps resistance organization, of which the world have only hitherto the sore hear-say of the Gentlemen of the Press.

Rakel, his wife was with us all the time so what I tell are no severe secrets. Otherwise Micky would never involve her:

The Swedes are under severe pressure from Germany, 2. gebirgsdivision at Narvik are loosing, he thinks and so does Capitain de Corvette St. Just CO of T-114 whom I talked to, this evening at the ball.

The French and the english think, that the germans will not accept to loose at Narvik. Therefore they prepare the swedes to the possibility
that they occupy Sweden, the whole, or as St. Just said a corridor N. of 61 degree North.

2) Tonight u. four eyes I informed Captain Maikkinen on the Bornholm-Plan, to which he downy grinned, shook head and lit a new cigar. When
I asked his opinion on the question of A Battalion Return to Finland, He nodded at a painting on the wall and said: "Ask me when you go."

Sergeant K.F. Dieckruyter (LR-plt TO-3) drives (MC) directly to L. in five minuttes. Be so kind as to order him back, Sir.

Kaptajnløjtnant Harald de Lamar Piffholm

Source 2

Hotel Kamp, Helsinki Saturday Apr. 20. 1940
To CO Danish Battalion
Ritmester Kresten H. Jensen, Danish-BTN Staff.Bld., Louisa. S.Finland

SIGNAL by my messenger


1) Two swedish army officers at hotel breakfast this morning, tell me english diplom high rank six days ago adviced swedish government that german army attack to southern part Sweden, Skåne ect seemed eminent. Advice very direct proposed establising defence line further north to Skane and named railroad as important to draw north.

2) Today, when I met Maikkinen, he said, you had yourself been called to met General Mannerheim. As Sgt Dieckryuter returned with no orders to myself, I shall stay.

Kaptajnløjtnant Harald de Lamar Piffholm

Source 3

Hotel Kamp, Helsinki Sunday Apr. 21. 1940
To CO Danish Battalion
Ritmester Kresten H. Jensen, Danish-BTN Staff.Bld., Louisa. S.Finland

SIGNAL by my messenger


1) There is no doubt in my mind, the french torpilleurs T-114 & T-124 are visiting Helsinki as guests, but made a reconnaissance thoroughly en voyage. I saw in charts, St. Just and his Exec, Lieutenant Mathieu
Noli showed me where they from the foretop rest of ship under horizon hid to enemy, had counted seventy(!) german warships and grey painted
freighters i.e. maybe troopships, between Bornholm and Gotland. But I doubt this fleet calls at Sweden, or Norway. St. Just had information that no german freighter in the Baltic are allowed north of Elsinore!

2) I guess the germans expect an allied navy raid into The Skagarrak.

3) Quai d´Orsai St.Just said, were informed also of my visit on board
saturday. I am sure the frenchs somehow know of our plans on Bornholm
and I guess Quai d´Orsay consider with British Foreign M the value of our campaign on Bornholm, if this german fleet is heading for Sweden.

Please order Sgt Dieckruyter back first thing in the morning, Sir.

Good hunting

Kaptajnløjtnant Harald de Lamar Piffholm

Source 4

Danish-BTN, Apr. 21 1940

From CO BTN HQ, Louisa, Finland
To Kaptajnløjtnant H. de Lamar Piffholm

Signal messinger wait for KL de Lamar Piffholm/Hotel Kamp Helsinki

Concerning intelligence reports from 1) Fin Capt Maikkinen. 2) French
to HQ unknown Capt de Corv. St.Just.

1) Ask Maikkinen for a swedish contact with big ears at home how they
think of ALL your informations. Fast a.p. You may reach that X before
the Stockholm ministerials have their morning mails read.

2) Tell Capt St.Just and the collegue at T-124, that we need to ferry some 700 danish military personel, with sinews of war to some island.
Tell him ask French Admiralty without delay. Diplomatic line not wise to this Battalion.

Good work

Kresten Hvide Jensen, Ritmester, CO Danish-BTN

Source 5

Hotel Kamp, Helsinki Monday Apr. 22. 1940
To CO Danish Battalion
Ritmester Kresten H. Jensen, Danish-BTN Staff.Bld., Louisa. S.Finland

SIGNAL by my messenger


1) Just this before my messinger leaves, I visited the Maikkinens for the after the frezing tour in chaloupe from the anchored french ships out east, at the Sea-Fort. They listened politely to my long stories, then suddenly Rakel Maikkinen said. - "They were from Memel, Harald."

Micky, we call him - Maikkinen, just nodded. Then it stroke me: Rakel Maikkinen is from Estonia. They are typically the kind of people, who can talk about anything with each other.

2) To me, this is either clean a independent confirmation - or a grim plot to lure us. I bet your horse in Vordingborg on guess one, Sir.

3) Probes around show no sign of a swedish officer of the kind. I may have to telepone or telegram one social-demokrat at home.

Kaptajnløjtnant Lamar P.

Source 6
Danish-BTN, Apr. 22 1940

From CO BTN HQ, Louisa, Finland
To kaptajnløjtnant H. de Lamar Piffholm

Signal messenger wait for KL de Lamar Piffholm/Hotel Kamp Helsinki

Concerning contact third country (i.e. not Finland not Deamark)

1) Flight arranged. Danish pilot, name and place: Voiced by messenger

2) Arrange for recieving up to 700 seven hundred mil. armed fugitives
arriving succesively in two - repeat two - weeks.

3) Your messenger drives you to finnish aerodrome. Two engined aircra must return to Finland in 8 hours after landing!! You finish business or stay, where the hell your secrecy leads, till new order reach you.

4) Our mentors in supplies know that Herr Göring has answered swedish diplomates, that german 2.gebirgsdivision will solve problems and the by everyone known troop movements in southern Germany are maneuvering connected to Italy. Our C-Intel thinks Herr Göring talks dubble-talk.

4) One here living swedish source to Battalion Vice-Intel said Apr 18 Herr Göring a week ago told swedish envoys, that Germany has no cause to expect Russian thrust through Northern Finland and Sweden.

6) Battalion Staff estimated this period of battle stalemate in the N last maybe one, maybe two weeks.

We finish the Bornholm Campaign, while german army redeploy troops in direction south or west. The Memel transport may go WEST: Hamburg for train to Netherlands or France. New speculation show up every day.

Best of luck

Kresten Hvide Jensen, Ritmester, CO Danish-BTN

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